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To be great you have to give it everything you got!!! You must sacrifice some wants to get what you is your true dream. Test yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. Work hard you can have everything you want in life it’s up to you to go get it. What ever you do, put effort in to everything no matter what the situation may be. Fight for everything as if you were drowning just to get every breath you could to stay alive because that is how you will thrive in this world just fight.


There is so much you can do in order to succeed and be great in whatever you want to do but you have to continue to grow and move forward. You can’t look at the past, you must continually make yourself better. You have untapped potential the only thing stopping you is yourself. So decide to be strong and steadfast in anything you want to do!

You matter, you are powerful beyond imagination. You were birthed on this Earth to have a purpose that no one can do better than you. Don’t get comfortable, keep moving forward in order to achieve your dream no matter how hard. Never settle for anything less.

Make a choice that will not only make your life better but make it more worth living. We face countless problems and we must decide on the best option if you only live once then make a choice that you will never regret.

We fall so we can get back up no matter the challenge. We will keep getting knocked down but no matter how many times this happens we continue to give up, the only time we regret is if we stop and give up. We are powerful beyond all measure!

All of us have the ability to dream to create a bigger and better world but there are few who strive to make their dreams reality. Don’t let fear take control, average is not a way to live your life. You have to find out who you are and adjust your life to make it better and worth living. Work hard, Stay strong, Follow your dreams!!!

We lack the persistence to stay informed and back up what we say with arguments. Now we just believe what the person next to us says, don’t be another lost individual be informed about what is happening in this world and do your part in making it better. Even things like voting make a huge difference not only to our nation but our future to be one of the greatest nations the world has ever seen.

It’s true education doesn’t come through just books it is measured by so much. I am not saying that education isn’t important but there are other ways to learn. Make yourself better by growing in all aspects of your life. Do what makes you feel good and what make s you happy don’t stress on everything. What is true education?


We feel as if nothing will ever change or get better but if we stop waiting or blaming others we can make a change in our life. Just change the way you say things and it starts to get easier.


Some of the greatest inventions and minds in this world became great because of their failures. If we don’t fail then we can never learn or grow and that is what gives us a chance to be a better person. Don’t be afraid of your failures, learn from them and grow with these new experiences.