My Interests & My Role Model


  • Weightlifting/Training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Development
  • Boxing/ Wrestling
  • Management
  • Volunteerism
  • Psychology
  • Inventing
  • Photography
  • Movies, TV, Video Games
  • Computers



I lost my best friend, my role model, and my hero

someone who has influenced me whom is

my Grandfather who has passed away.

My greatest influence and guardian

always kind, generous, and hard working.

I only hear praise of his name and

now it’s my chance to be the person who I sought to be

so I changed my outlook on life.

I always think to myself

what would my Grandfather do,

the judgment I thought he would make

I usually find the right answer.

I still believe he is with me because I sense him,

he knows I will make the right decision,

he is helping me push through life to be my very best.

I find myself to be just like my Grandfather

because I do my very best for all.




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